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RHD in the states – reactions

To followers of Jalopnik, this will be old news, but it's still a fun story. Doug DeMuro, a writer for Jalopnik (or, I guess Kinja in general) bought an R32 GT-R. He lives in the states, so this is still a really big deal.

Waiver - I sometime like, and sometimes hate the same video. He's got a bit of a grating personality/sense of humour.

Anyway! He's really excited to have his GT-R and is documenting his story very well. It's funny, he keeps saying it's hard to get used to/drive. Now, I may be jaded since I've done this for years, but.... no... it's not hard. There is a give-and-take, and left turns across traffic can be tricky, but you also get other perks.

I hope you enjoy!

The classic RHD through a drive through. The server is REALLY REALLY funny - worth a watch for just that. I remember this shameless glee of having an RHD, and he really nailed that exuberance in this video.

This is probably my favourite - Reactions to the GT-R on the street. When I used to drive my Red Daihatsu Hijet, I got this all the time.


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