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The JDM Licence Plate Mod

This is always a surprise to a first-time owner. It seems obvious after you think about it, but not before you see it.

The mod, in action

In short, Japanese license plates are a different size, and have a different bolt pattern. Bolt pattern? Is that the term? Sure it is. I had to drill a hole beside each of the regular holes to center my license plate.

It's actually one of the simplest ways to figure out if a car has been imported or not. People rarely buy new license plate holders, and just drill the license plate. I've seen Mercedes and Porsches running around with drilled license plates too.

A real problem came in with my truck. In Manitoba, trucks have a T in the upper left corner of the plates.  So, I couldn't drill a hole there. Instead I had to drill through the bison on the other corner.

The poor bison will never look the same

Desperate times, desperate measures. Now, when you see a plate that looks like this, you'll know why.

Just a little crooked, and we know why.

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Another petition to reverse the ban in Quebec

The folks over at Delica.ca have started another petition to try to reverse the ban on registering RHDs in Quebec.

I can only give them my full support! So should you!


I'm #68 :)


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