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PEI – Reading the News Brief

I've been re-reading the News Brief and it seems that RHDs are not outright banned.

Once legislation is passed, right-hand-drive vehicles will have to meet Canadian Motor Vehicles Safety Standards in order to be registered. Vehicles that have already been registered in the province can continue to be used.

By the sounds of this, the legislation has not passed (but likely will) and existing RHDs are ok.  By the sounds if it there will not be an all-out ban.

I know that my 1990 Daihatsu Hijet does not have a catalytic converter, so might not pass emissions test.  My friend's 92 Hijet does, and likely would pass.

I don't know how private insurance works, since I live in a province with public insurance.  I'll keep doing some research to find out more about the proposed legislation.


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