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Jay Leno’s Garage – Mazda Cosmo

If you like the look of Japanese vehicles, this car should really hit the spot... it's the original Cosmo rotary. I've seen the 90s Cosmo, and it fails to really stir any emotions (though the 3 rotor engine gets my inner engineer's attention), but the original is a masterpiece. I'll let Jay say the rest:

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Caddyshack right hand drive joke! (Right hand drive on the big screen v4)

So, had a retro movie night, and stumbled upon this fantastic right-hand drive joke.

Chevy Chase (Ty) and Rodney Dangerfield drive up to the golf course in Rodney's Rolls Royce.... The judge they're playing blows up at Chevy, thinking he's the one driving.

Hilarious. I've heard this story about passengers texting in RHDs, and getting berated by police officers.

That's a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Drophead Coupe H.J.Mulliner Park Ward according to imcdb.com.

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