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Update on CADA’s lobbying and IVOAC’s rebuttal to ICBC stats

The Big News!

ICBC's stats on RHD safety has been the topic of discussion for RHD drivers since it's release.

Here's a quick lesson in statistics. What is proof vs. a trend? It has to do with the variability of what you're studying. Proof implies that something is Statistically Significantly different than the control (the base case... the common case... in this case Left Hand Drives). A trend is to show that on average it's more likely. ICBC saw a trend. Not proof.

IVOAC.ca and UBC have published a report discrediting the report released by ICBC.

Not only that, the report from IVOAC/UBC has torn apart the data and discredited the report finding by finding.... scientifically.

CADA updates

So, this has been on the news a lot lately. So here are a few more links.








Most of them say the same thing, some with journalistic flair.  Most of them _do_ put RHDs in negative light though. 'Right hand drive wrong for Canada' is the theme.... Unfortunately RHD is synonymous with 'drift cars' and 'high end sports cars'. Say that to me with my minitruck.

Really too bad. RHDer have done lots of rebuttals... but we need to do something bigger. But what? Got an idea... email me and I'll help however I can.



Radio Interview Complete!

Well. I don't sound like a _complete_ jackass. We'll call it a win.

We didn't get to CADA, I only got to mention JIS... but there's some good stuff here. So much more to talk about!

And, without further delay...

Again, this is chopped to the segment that I'm in, but in it's complete state, with ads. Head over to CJOB.com for more if you like it! The show is The Road Trip and I had a lot of fun doing this.

Part 2 of the CJOB talk, featuring me?!



RightHandDrive.ca on the Radio!

So. I heard about a segment on CJOB in Winnipeg discussing RHDs on Canadian roads, because of CADA's lobbying.

So. I listened to it (go go gadget internet!) and found it interesting. It was pretty well balanced, but the people who called in were.... useless.


I heard that they would rehash the discussion about RHDs on Saturday on the radio show The Road Trip. Interesting.... so I sent the hosts an email saying who I am, and what I do.... and they added me to the panel. Wicked! So. Listen in to CJOB at about 11:3o this Saturday (listen online if you're out of Manitoba) and hear my thoughts!

Here is the first segment I heard. It is off the CJOB website, shortened down the the core data, and in it's complete state. You can find the full interview here: http://www.cjob.com/other/audiovault.html.

Part 1 of the CJOB RHD talk



The Media and CADA is on our case again!

CADA's Logo

Well, CADA is at it again. They're asking to ban/curb/stop/slow the import of RHD vehicles to Canada.  These news articles are full of the 'research studies' that we've been poking holes in for years.

And, in some situations, citing the 300ZX crash, which has easily been the worst RHD PR piece lately.

Here's some links to the sites that have come up today about this:

So. We continue our battle trying to keep our cars on the road.

My favourite line is this:

“But today a 15-year-old car is no longer an antique – 95-plus per cent of cars on the road are going to reach their 15th birthday.”

To which I say, "Yeah, but these cars are in fantastic condition and better than most North American cars that are 8 years old".  And, yes... lots of our RHDs are collectors cars.  The Skylines and Silvias are gorgeous. Or, the Kei cars/trucks are unique and nothing competes with a Delica for usefulness.

CADA:  Encourage your automakers to make cars that can compete with these 15-year-old cars and we'll talk.


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Right Hand Drives on the Big Screen

Borat's Ice Cream Truck

Right hand drives are still relatively uncommon in Hollywood Movies, though there are some exceptions. I've found a few examples that I thought I'd share. I've decided to limit the movies to 'Right hand drives in Left hand drive countries' to shorten the list. Otherwise I could just say every British movie ever.


This is the movie that kind of inspired this post.  I was watching Borat! and when he bought the RHD ice cream truck I literally laughed out loud.  Clearly they chose an RHD because it's unusual, which is what the movie is all about - being unusual.  I was actually sad when he left it behind.  Sorry, I don't know the make/model of this one!

Borat!© 20th Century Fox - Buy it here.

The Fast and the Furious

Fast and the Furious Skyline

The Yellow Bird R33 Skyline - The Fast and the Furious

Limiting my options to the original movie, which was a landmark in 'racer' movies. The RHD that was really stand-out in this movie was also not shown for very long. Leon's "Yellow Bird" R33 Skyline confused a lot of people. The time it get the longest screen time is when Leon is telling a pizza guy to go around. Initially there were complaints from people saying that it was a mistake! People thought that the frame was being mirrored for continuity. Little did they know that the car was indeed a right hand drive.

The Fast and the Furious © Universal Studios - Buy it here.

James Bond

James Bond's DB5

I said RHD in LHD environments - in the movie 'Goldfinger' James Bond's DB5 can be seen rolling around mainland Europe. There's some incredible shots of twisty roads with this gorgeous Aston Martin rolling around them. Honestly, one of the best parts of the movie. The

Spy Who Loved Me also has James Bond cruising around RHD in a LHD country, this time a RHD Lotus Esprit in Sardinia. There's a good scene where James is having a little trouble passing because of where the driver's seat is. It's pretty fun, completely over-the-top movie.

Goldfinger © Eon Productions - Buy it here.

Mad Max

The Interceptor from Mad Max

I'm breaking my own rule here. Officially the Mad Max movies were filmed in Australia... but it's post-apocalyptic, so is it really still an RHD country then?

That being said, this is a pretty cool movie car-wise.  The 'Interceptor' that Max (Mel Gibson) drives has a huge blower coming out of the hood that is controlled by a switch in the car. Why you'd ever want it off is beyond me, but it's still pretty awesome. This movie hasn't aged very well, and you're probably best off just watching Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior, the rest is rubbish.

The Simpsons riding an RHD with Mel Gibson

The cars are really entertaining to see in this movie since it's has some sci-fi roots. There's a gigantic RHD semi... and lot's of highly modded cars that are 'middle drive'(?). And a tractor. With and angry man. How can you go wrong!

This also created an RHD scene in The Simpsons episode 'Beyond the Blunderdome' (Season 11, episode 1). Homer is helping Mel Gibson do a remake of a film, which Homer mangles completely... long story short: A car chase down Hollywood Boulevard in the tractor from a Mad Max movie (I think it's supposed to be from The Road Warrior, but I can't tell).

Mad Max © Warner Home Video - Buy it here.

The Simpsons © Twentieth Century Fox - Buy it here.

Mickey Mouse

Rob and Mickey cruising

So, this one I'm justifying by saying Mickey has been on the big screen...

This is a ride in a mall here in Winnipeg (St. Vital Walmart, if you're curious). I saw it and couldn't resist. I guess Mickey has a right hand drive, but has gotten a DUI, so we have to drive him around.

Yes that's me. I have no shame.


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Another petition to reverse the ban in Quebec

The folks over at Delica.ca have started another petition to try to reverse the ban on registering RHDs in Quebec.

I can only give them my full support! So should you!


I'm #68 :)


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