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Pajero vs Hilux CHALLENGE!

Hey all. Long time no post. My apologies. But, this is almost worth the wait! The previous post is Ben from Fraser Valley Imports reviewing my truck. Admittedly, it was broken at the time, but he called it slow. So, knowing that me and Ben have approximately the same sense of humour (and that if we didn't live half way across a very large country we'd probably high-five on a semi-frequent basis), I decided to make a 'rebuttal' video. This is me trying to be as cocky and jerky as possible. For those who don't understand sarcasm and internet humour, stop now.

To which Ben replied with an AMAZING video. I seriously laughed out loud (that's lol for you internet folk following along) at the textovers. Wow.

Ben is seriously a good sport. If you need someone awesome in the Vancouver area to help you out importing... seriously contact him. He cares more about this stuff than I do... and that's saying a lot.

I'm yet to record the response to this. Unlike Ben who has a super awesome Go-Pro, I have a Canon point-and-shoot that I tape to the window. Super classy.

On the nerd/technical side... I've moved servers again. The servers I've rented are 1/12th of what I was paying... and I think it might be worth less than that. Sorry it's so slow. I might go back to hosting at home.

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