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Russians loading up on RHDs from Japan post-tsunami

The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan has had caused some strange market behaviours. Some people are trying to play up the rarity of the RHD market, while... apparently Russians are buying cars out of Japan like they're going out of style!

I found an article on Financial Times that vehicle exports from Japan to Russia have gone up 10% since the tsunami. Note that Russia drives on the right side of the road, therefore driving LHDs. So, RHD grey imports are as much an anomaly there as it is in Canada!

Clearly I'm not up on my rules and regulations on Russian vehicle imports, but a quote from the Financial Times article:

The Russian government has tried to clamp down on the used-car trade saying the clunkers can be dangerous – and wishing to boost sales of Ladas and other domestic models.

The authorities even tried to restrict right-hand-drive vehicles and impose import tax on second-hand foreign cars. But the measures that prompted violent street protests in Vladivostok in 2009...

Clearly us Canadians could learn a thing or two from the Russians. "You can take our grey imports from our cold dead fingers!"


Disaster in Japan

I'm sure that almost everyone has heard about this now... a major earthquake, and then tsunami (caused by the earthquake) struck Japan yesterday.

Cars ready to ship from Japan destroyed by the tsunami

I was wondering how long it would take an enterprising person in Canada to bill their car as 'more rare now due to the disaster in Japan'. Answer: One day. A fellow from Sudbury thought it'd be good to update his ad to include the disaster in Japan (link).

Due to the recent disaster in Japan, there are even less Skyline R32s left, which makes this car rarer and worth more. GTS-4 is the hardest Skyline to find, check for yourself.

To this I say: Have some class. Don't try to make a quick buck quoting this disaster.

You can (and should!) donate to the fund to rebuild Japan at the Canadian Red Cross.


Photo from cbc.ca via STR/AFP/Getty

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Right hand drive Classifieds now available on RightHandDrive.ca!

I'm excited to introduce a new feature available on the site.... classifieds!

I know what you're thinking: "It's been done, and I don't want to post my car again in another place." Well, you're not posting it again. We're doing classifieds a little differently than other sites.

The way you post classifieds here is different: You give us a link to your Craigslist or Kijiji ad. When that ad  goes away (presumably when you sell your car) the ad goes away on this site too. So, with minimal effort, you can get more traffic to your classified ad, and don't have to worry about managing your ad on another site.

How's it work? Well. You give us your link via a simple web form, and it appears on the classifieds page of this site. Users will be able to view your classified ad you posted on Kijiji or Craigslist, with the images and text your put on your ad on Kijiji or Craigslist. When you close your ad, RightHandDrive.ca classifieds will detect you've closed it and it will be removed from this site. Minimal work, lots of gain.

Check it out now at RightHandDrive.ca classifieds!



More Skylines Seized in California

I talked about this not so long ago. There are a few RHD cars that are legal to import into the USA,and Skylines are on that list. But, Skylines need modifications to meet the standards in the USA, and my understanding is that there is no shops that can do that work.

So, that means that most RHDs in the states have been imported illegally, and this can happen: 2 more Skylines have been seized, and will likely be crushed. I found the link on Jalopnik here. The original article, that is more fleshed-out can be found here on Nicoclub.com.

To the people who have lost their cars: I'm sorry. That sucks. Best of luck in the fight to get them back.


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