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Conversation with an MLA about Grey Market Vehicles

I've replied to the message from an MLA that I got a while ago that was in response to my open letter to the government of Manitoba. I thought I would share it with everyone, as I think it is quite good.

It took me a while to get back to them. I feel that the MLA was trying to shrug me off, and it took me a while to decide whether or not Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is the place to bring this up or not. I've decided it's not. Laws are changed by lawmakers. MPI carries out the law, the legislature makes the laws... so I've decided to go to the source. As I say in the letter, I believe that MPI should be a voice in the conversation... but MPI alone does not have the power to make the changes I'd like to see.

My prediction: wait a month or two for a response. I can't really judge since I took about that long to respond to their email.

Without further adieu:

Mr McNeil,

First of all, thank you for your thoughtful reply. I appreciate the time you took to respond to my email. I apologize for the time it has taken me to get back to you.

Though MPI administers the law, the legislature makes the laws. I agree that MPI is a stakeholder and should be an active member in the conversation about changes to any vehicle safety standards, but the changes must take place at a higher level. I have had a meeting with some MPI staff, and they have been very helpful answering my questions and meeting with me, but I feel that these changes are beyond their jurisdiction.

But, the problem as I see it is that Manitoba is falling behind the times in terms of vehicle safety. The world is getting smaller, and it is becoming easier for regular folk to import the cars of their dreams from other countries. I don't see this as a passing fad, and I believe that it should be looked at and handled sooner rather than later.

The most important part of the argument is that it is absurd and archaic that ECE coded (e-coded) lighting is not accepted in Manitoba. This is a world standard that has been accepted in the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/acts-regulations/regulations-crc-c1038-sch-iv-108.1.htm), and a precedent has been set by allowing vehicles such as Mercedes Benz into the country, as they have no DOT markings, but only ECE markings. Clearly proper e-codes for left-hand drive countries must be marked on the headlights, but all ECE markings should be accepted for non-headlight lighting.

Accepting ECE markings will not make the vehicles less safe, and bring Manitoba up to the world standard for safety.

ICBC, the public insurer for British Columbia has already implemented some of these changes, including accepting JIS (Japanese standards) to the fold. Accepting national standards from other 1st world countries makes sense in this which is getting smaller. I understand that not every vehicle should be permitted on Manitoban roads (the autorickshaw from India comes to mind), but accepting other-national standards for imported cars (15 years or older) makes sense for this ever-shrinking world.

I've attached my full technical document again for your perusal, as I believe it outlines my argument well.

Thank you again for your time.

Robert Guderian


More Skylines Seized in California

I talked about this not so long ago. There are a few RHD cars that are legal to import into the USA,and Skylines are on that list. But, Skylines need modifications to meet the standards in the USA, and my understanding is that there is no shops that can do that work.

So, that means that most RHDs in the states have been imported illegally, and this can happen: 2 more Skylines have been seized, and will likely be crushed. I found the link on Jalopnik here. The original article, that is more fleshed-out can be found here on Nicoclub.com.

To the people who have lost their cars: I'm sorry. That sucks. Best of luck in the fight to get them back.


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Quebec perminently bans Right Hand Drives

It's happened.

It's official.

The moratorium on right hand drives in Quebec has become permanent.

The post is here, or if you speak French.

This is clearly a blow to the Canadian right hand drive society.  Current owners are grandfathered yet again, but no new cars will be allowed to be registered.

All we can do now is petition the Quebec government to overturn it, or Canadian government to overrule it.


edit: updated links

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