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Response from Honourable Andrew Swan

Today, I got a response from Hon. Andrew Swan, the MLA that is in charge of MPI.

It's obviously not just a form letter, this is good. But, I'm not declaring victory. Now, to wait to hear MPI's response, now that they've been prodded by an MLA.

The response:

Dear Robert Guderian:

Thank you for your email message regarding grey import vehicles and the compliance requirements to operate these vehicles in Manitoba.

I referred your concerns and suggestions to Manitoba Public Insurance senior officials to inform them of your thoughts on this issue and for consideration. The corporation is reviewing the issue and will contact you directly once its review is complete.

Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns to my attention.

Yours truly,

Andrew Swan
Minister charged with the administration of the
Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act


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CJOB Radio Interview

The Road Trip on CJOB had me on as an interviewee again, to discuss the campaign we've started!

Michael Clark called me up, we discussed the ideas, and decided we should advertise that RHD drivers want to be at the table to talk about our cars in an open and honest way. Which we do!

So, Here it is! I hope you enjoy it!


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An open letter to the Government of Manitoba

A while ago I drafted up a letter to send to the Government of Manitoba about how poorly they are treating grey imports in Manitoba. It's summer, and I haven't heard any valuable response. Needless to say, I'm disappointed, but now I'm opening up this letter to all of you to send to your MLA and anyone you think should read it.

You should send it to:
Hon. Steve Ashton, Minister of Transport: minmit@leg.gov.mb.ca
Hon. Andrew Swan, in charge of MPI: minjus@leg.gov.mb.ca
Your MLA, found here.

I have prepared a coverletter for you to use, just replace all the 'your name' to... your name. Ideally print it out and snail mail it, but email is just as effective.

The technical document is here in PDF form, and HTML form.

Here's the original coverletter for your entertainment.


Attention Honourable Steve Ashton, Honourable Andrew Swan, and Ms. Marilyn Brick

Regarding Grey Imports and Safety in Manitoba

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of grey imports Manitoba and Canada as a whole. Manitoba laws require that compliance items are completed to allow the vehicle to be on the road. These laws are in place to make the vehicle more safe, but the laws regarding compliance items for these vehicles is outdated. The requirements that MPI and Manitoba has in place for Grey imports does not make the vehicles safer, but in fact makes them less safe.

Attached you will find a detailed report of the current situation, and some suggestions for making requirements simpler for these vehicles, which will also make the vehicle safer. It details how other provinces that have larger numbers of grey imports has dealt with the situation, and suggests that Manitoba take the same approach as British Columbia has taken, which is to simplify and clarify requirements - focusing on important and relevant safety items.

One of the problems with the current compliance requirements, is that the requirements are confusing and are often unknown to or misunderstood by safety inspection stations, law enforcement officers and the owners of the vehicles. Adopting a simple set of requirements would ensure important safety items are addressed and easily enforced. Accepting a simple set of easy to understand requirements would ensure that grey import vehicles meet these requirements, making the vehicles suitable for Manitoba roads, thereby making roads safer.

If there is any questions about anything in the attached documents, I would be happy to discuss it with you.


Robert Guderian

Enlc: Grey Imports in Manitoba - Clarifying Requirements to Make Manitoba Roads Safer

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Grey Imports – Canadians aren’t the only ones who do it

I found this quite interesting. CADA would have you believe that Canada is the only place in the world that imports cars from Japan. They even have called them 'dumping ground for unsafe vehicles'. So here we go, people in Britain do it too. Makes sense, both drive on the left side of the road, so it works quite well.

This is an old top gear episode, and the host is quite conservative, and the people are buying cars in a way I wouldn't. The cars in question in this video are bought without concern by an importer, and sold in an auction in the Ireland. Personally, I'd only buy a car I could test drive, or directly from Japan through an experienced auction agent. I don't think I'd trust someone who brings in a number of cars just to sell them off.

I think it's interesting how Top Gear approaches this problem. Yes - there _can_ be issues with these cars, and yes - they can be expensive to fix. But it has to be a calculated risk. You can get a much nicer car for a much nicer price in Japan, but you need to make sure you know what you're buying... like they say in the video, talk to someone who knows what they're talking about first.

I want to say the video is well-balanced, but it's not. They're a little too negative though the video, with just a note of "but they're not all that bad" at the end. Take it for what it's worth, since it's still quite interesting to see other people have the same discussions we have.

Without further delay:


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