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Importing, going the other way

If you're on this site, chances are you're interested in importing cars from Japan, but have you ever thought it'd go the other way? I keep saying, "None of the good cars were sold here".... then I found this.

Jeremy Clarkson (with his 90s poofy hairdo) is in the USA extolling the amazing cars that they can import for almost nothing. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Then, you can see how good we have it. Sure the UK can import any car, but they have to, and I quote, "Pay tax, on the tax, on the tax". They get taxed many more times than we do when we import cars. We don't get off that much easier, but the people in the UK have to pay 17.5% 'Value added tax' on the purchase price, plus the taxes they paid. We get dinged at the border, and when we insure... but that's pretty reasonable in comparison.

Also, it sounds like there is an exemption date for them to import cars without duty... which is somewhat like our 'RIV exempt' 15 year rule (which also gives us the opportunity to buy the cars we actually want).

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