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RightHandDrive.ca is intended to promote community between drivers of right-hand drive vehicles in Canada.

About me:

My name is Robert Guderian, and I live pretty close to the center of Canada, in a little place called Winnipeg.  In Summer 2009 I bought a red Daihatsu HiJet and I've been in love with right-hand drive vehicles ever since.

I see at least 2 other RHDs a day, and I realized there is no place on the web to bring us together to talk about the awesomeness and the woes that come with driving a RHD vehicle in Canada.  This site is intended to promote this community, so together we can spread the word about RHD vehicles.

Hopefully community-driven resources will develop on the website, such as places who repair oddball vehicles such as Daihatsus.   I've been laughed at more than once by people who have no idea what they were looking at.  Sure it's funny, but there has to be a resource out there somewhere, and hopefully this site will help you find it.

I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have something to say, just drop me a line. I'm always looking for contributors to the site to keep it fresh and relevant.

What I'm not: An importer. I've imported a car for myself, but I'm not a business that imports vehicles for other people.

What I am: Interested in keeping the right-hand drive scene alive.


Robert Guderian