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Weird JDM Cars, Part 4

Mitsuoka Galue


Mitsuoka is a great company. No original ideas. Look! It's a Rolls Royce.

Nope... that's a 4 cylinder Japanese car! Epic. James May drove one in Series 11, Episode 6... and that's worth a watch. He's pretty fair about it, and it's... umm.. 'inspiration'.

Toyota Urban Supporter

This one is truly weird. It doesn't even have a wiki page. In my mind, that means it doesn't exist at all. This one deserves front and back shots.


I just love how it's intensely practical. I'll bet the visibility out of that thing is INCREDIBLE. Big fan.

I don't really know a lot about this one. Hope you enjoy! Throw in a comment if you know anything about this thing!


Weird JDM Cars, Part 1

Welcome to a new segment of righthanddrive.ca called Weird JDM cars. The Japanese market is very interesting in that they have many cars available, made in Japan, that have not really seen the light of day anywhere else in the world. This is my small homage to these cars.

Mitsuoka Le Seyde

This on is... super weird. It's supposed to be a bit like a Zimmer, but isn't. It says Cruella DeVil all over it, and it's hilarious, and I want one. Despite the way it looks, it's rocking a 1.6L 4 cylinder. Wicked awesome. Mitsuoka has a lot of goofy looking rip-off cars in it's line up, and we'll see more of them, but this is the best, goofiest and most eye-catching.

A LeSeyde at auction

Nissan Figaro

This has to be one of my favourite cars ever, and one of the first JDM cars I saw in real life here in Canada.

Nissan Figaro, always cute!

It's based on a Micra, and is part of a retro inspired line of cars made by Nissan and sold in the late 80s/early 90s. So, parts are readily available for it (save body panels), and they're a good buy. Too bad it's hard to find one for under $12000.

Tell me what you think of this... I have a bunch written (I wrote them over xmas, and I've been sitting on them since!)... so I could start a semi-regular thing!