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Stop the cliche!

Seriously. This is getting under my skin now. Almost every writer that's writing about Right Hand Drives thinks they're clever and inevitably come up with the same title.

Times Colonist following the Cliche - via TimesColonist.com

"Right hand drive right for Canada?" or some variation of that theme. It's been done. It's like making your facebook status say "So-And-So is".  It's been done a million times before..... be more creative.

Do you need proof of this? Google it. Here's a Google tip: put quotes around your phrase to match exactly that phrase.

Cliche Proof!

There we go. 143000 items.  Papers like The Sun are syndicated, and run lots of the same articles, so there is some redundancy, but... yeah.... 143 THOUSAND.

Dear Journalists: Be more creative.

At least Journalists are "glass half full" people and say "right for Canada" as opposed to CADA's "Right Hand Drive - Wrong for Canada". But they do have an agenda after all - keeping their wallets overstuffed selling overpriced new vehicles. Check out this old post for more on that if you're interested.



This week’s moment of win

Take THAT double parkers!

So, there are massive perks to driving a kei-class. Like... tormenting double parkers!

Notice how I'm still completely in my stall, while they... are not.

They came out a few minutes later when I was still around..... and were pissed off!  Come on people.

1. learn how to park

2. Failing that... deal with people who are smart asses like me.



Downtime – should be fixed now

Hello all,

I did a server upgrade on Monday (today... errr, now that's yesterday) and it took a little long than anticipated. Apologies for those who were pining to read this site.

Now, for the more fun news. I'm in the market for a new car. I want a 2 Door Pajero TD or a Nissan GTiR... I know they're really different, but they do have on thing in common... both turbo AWDs. I want something neat and functional for Manitoba at the same time.

If you've got some gems of advice or one of these vehicles for sale... drop me a comment!


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