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Quebec Parliament RHD Petition – Sign now!

The Parliament of Quebec has released a petition to allow RHD cars back on the road in Quebec.  There is currently a moratorium on insuring new RHD cars on the road in Quebec. They have also put scooter-like regulations on Kei cars, like limiting speeds and limiting which roads Kei cars can drive on.

The signing does not seem to be a limited to people who live in Quebec.  There are both state/province and country fields... so sign!

My worry is that if Quebec bans RHD cars, the rest of Canada will follow.

Petition to lift the moratorium on Right Hand Drive Cars: http://www.assnat.qc.ca/petition/SignerEn.aspx?idPetition=118

Petition to lift the restrictions on Kei Cars: http://www.assnat.qc.ca/petition/SignerEn.aspx?idPetition=119

The fine print is in French, I've used babel fish to translate it for your convenience.

Text of RHD Petition

Text off the petition:

CONSIDERING THAT the access to the public ways in Quebec prohibited east, since April 29, 2009, with the majority of the vehicles provided with a wheel on the right, except for the 2.500 vehicles registered before this date;

CONSIDERING THAT this measurement does not form part of the recommendations of the Québécois Table of the road safety;

CONSIDERING THAT the European countries, Japan, the United States and the Canadian provinces never saw the need for prohibiting the traffic provided with a driver's cab on the side opposed to their national standards;

CONSIDERING THAT many new models, having the wheel on the left, are sold in Japan and the United Kingdom and that, in spite of the cohabitation of the two positions of control, that does not affect their assessments of road safety;

CONSIDERING THAT the recent study of the SAAQ does not take account of all the facts and, consequently, that its conclusion must be questioned;

CONSIDERING THAT the two decrees of the government, come into effect without notice, harmed considerably the businesses of the owners and importers of this type of vehicles; We, signatories of this petition, ask the National Assembly of Quebec to make pressure on the government so that are not prohibited on the right the imported, vehicles 15 years old and more, not provided with a driver's cab, and require that one take time to examine any change going in this direction within the framework of a parliamentary commission.


Text of Kei Car Petition

Note: Kei is interchangeable with 'light'

CONSIDERING THAT, under the terms of the ministerial decree 2009-15 of October 22, 2009, the vehicles known as “light” cannot circulate any more, and this since December 27, 2009, on the motorways of Quebec as any public way on which allowed maximum speed is of more than 70 km/h;

CONSIDERING THAT this restriction also applies to the owners having acquired of such a vehicle before the coming into effect of the known as ministerial decree;

CONSIDERING THAT there does not exist, in the road Error correcting code, of clear beacons allowing to determine the vehicles not offering enough protection for their occupants;

CONSIDERING THAT certain “light vehicles” answer security standards on the protection of their occupants;

CONSIDERING THAT the “light vehicles” offer more protection than the motor cycles and the auto-cycles;

CONSIDERING THAT the minister of Transport recently a pilot scheme aiming set up at reducing the requirements as regards driving licence for the motor cycle with three wheels “Spyder”, marketed by Bombardier;

CONSIDERING THAT the vehicles classified like antiques, not having been conceived to meet standards of protection of their occupants, do not have any access control to the public ways; We, signatories of this petition, ask l' National Assembly of Quebec to make pressure on the government so that the access to the public ways is not restricted for the “light vehicles” and let us ask that one take time to examine any change going in this direction within the framework of a parliamentary commission.


Consider signing.... tell your friends! Spread the word!


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