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Fight for the Right!

A new challenger appears!

Since Quebec has banned right hand drive cars, there has been a lot of stir. The latest movement is on the part of Dominique Poirier, a fellow right hand driver. He has recently founded the Vehicle Choice Freedom Foundation to fight the change that Quebec has made. Dom has been part of the fight for a long time, but this is a solid rallying point for Quebec RHDers.

He's organizing a rally on September 6th (Labour Day) and all Quebec RHD drivers and supporters should head out to support the cause.

Dom: Thanks for creating a rallying point for our common cause. We're all behind you.

Somewhat related

I thought this was odd.... someone posted a link to my site on the CNet forums.  It looks 1/2 like spam, 1/2 like a cudos.  I'm flattered either way.  I just REALLY like the title: Speakeasy: Quebec, so left wing they won't even allow Right Hand Drive. I don't even think it makes sense... but it's awesome.

Site news

Other news: Site is back up. The cable internet connection at my new place was totally fubar'd. There'll be spotty service until my servers settle into their permanent spots in the house. Bear with me during these changes.

Delica Meetup in BC

I can only approve of this.  I'm glad to see people getting together and enjoying their Right Hand Drives.  AMAZING photos on the site helps too!  Cudos to Delica.ca's members for organizing this and sharing!


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Quebec perminently bans Right Hand Drives

It's happened.

It's official.

The moratorium on right hand drives in Quebec has become permanent.

The post is here, or if you speak French.

This is clearly a blow to the Canadian right hand drive society.  Current owners are grandfathered yet again, but no new cars will be allowed to be registered.

All we can do now is petition the Quebec government to overturn it, or Canadian government to overrule it.


edit: updated links

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