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Right Hand Drives on The Big Screen, Volume 3

The next installment of RHD on Film is here!

Batman 1989

Right at the end of the movie, there is a nice treat of a car. There is some debate as to what it is, but
Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith or Rolls-Royce Phantom are the two candidates. Beautiful car, and the interior shot is a nice touch to prove that it is indeed a right-hand drive. This being Gotham City (New York), this car would be very out of place.

Alfred in the Roller

Long shot of the Roller


A FX classic for people who have tweaked senses of humour. This episode (Season 3 Episode 4) has Archer losing his new 'spy car', spending the episode trying to hunt it down. While trying to hunt down his car, he infiltrates the Yakuza via an underground drift tournament, thinking they might have knicked his car and were racing it.

Turns out they only race imports, to which Pam replies: "Right hand drive, duhhh". Here's a clip of the quote, and some cartoon drifting fun.

(temporarily removed! website issues!)

That's it for this round. Obviously I can't watch every movie ever... if you spot something that I can add to my list, contact me!

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Pajero in Minnesota

The Pajero was only sold as the Pajero in Asia... so this is quite a funny find. This 'Pajero' was found in Minnesota, near Minneapolis (not totally sure where, photo courtesy of my brother-in-law)

Pajero Go-Kart

A quick history lesson. The truck was badged as Pajero in Asia, where it was supposed to be named after the greek name for some mountain cat. But, 'Pajero' is slang for 'wanker' (that is... masturbator, jerkoff, etc.) in Spanish. Unlike Ford with the Ford Pinto (small wang, in Spanish) Mitsubishi was smart enough to rebrand the Pajero as Montero in North America, and Shogun in the UK.

Funny stuff. I want to drive my future Pajero to Mexico... for the lulz.

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MPI Mailer about JIS lights

Via HBeat (Barry with the Beat). I'm still trying to find an original or a scan, contact me if you have one. Update! scan is here: http://righthanddrive.ca/attachments/jisInManitoba.jpg

The mailer:

The vehicle Inspection Handbook is currently being reviewed to determine changes that may be required to address newer vehicle technologies and to provide even greater clarity of inspection standards and rejection criteria.

As part of this review, we have identified several issues related to lamps. Specifically, we have found that some vehicles that were originaly manufactured for markets outside of North America will be equipped with lamps that do not have either “DOT” or “SAE” codes. They may however, have either “JIS” or “E” codes, evidencing compliance with either Japanese or European standards.

HEADLAMPS-Transport Canada has approved the use of certain “E” coded headlamps in Canada. In situations where a vehicle is equipped with headlamps with an “E” code and:

1) An arrow symbol showing in both directions () – do not reject these headlamps simply because they do not have a “DOT/SAE?” marking; or

2) No arrow, do not reject simply because they do not have a “DOT/SAE” marking; or

3) An arrow symbol facing to the right (–>) REJECT as these lamps are not intended for right hand traffic roadways.

Lamps that do not display any “DOT/SAE” or “E” code must still be rejected.

LAMPS OTHER THAN HEADLAMPS – If you encounter any vehicle that has any lamp, other than a headlamp, that displays either “JIS” or “E” code and does not display a “DOT/SAE” code, please contact Vehicle Standards and Inspections (In Winnipeg at 985-0920 or toll free at 1-866-0542) to determine if the lamps will be rejected. Lamps that do not display any “DOT/SAE”, “E”, or “JIS” code must still be rejected. It is also important to be especially careful when inspecting vehicles with “E” or “JIS” codes as these lamp assemblies will sometimes not have all the required lamps that are normally found on vehicles built for the North American market e.g. tail lamp assemblies might not include side marker lamps/reflex reflectors.

Regardless of the coding(s) on any lamp or lamp assembly, if there are required lamps that are either missing or non-functional, they remain a cause for failure during an inspection.

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