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JDM Radio – Surprises after importing

Stock radio from a Nissan Figaro - Click for larger image

There's a number of strange little things about JDM right hand drives that some people might not expect when they're importing.

One of these things is that a lot of people that import their own JDM don't think about is that Japan runs on a different radio band. Turns out that's the case!

In most of the world the FM broadcast band, used for broadcasting FM radio stations, goes from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. Japan's FM broadcast band is 76–90 MHz, the only country to use this span. (From Wikipedia)

So, as the first owner of a fresh JDM in Canada, you might be wondering why you can only get the first few FM channels.... this is why.  The AM radio band is the same, and will work, and if your area is anything like mine you'll be listening to a lot of informational programming. I always say that owning a right hand drive has taught me a lot, and this is one of the reasons why!

JDM radio tuned to a North American impossibility.

It's actually also funny to see what kinds toys come with these radios.  I've seen MiniDisc players, tape and some crazy Non-english undefinable peripherals.

So, when importing your own JDM right hand drive, or checking out one that's already landed... check out the radio - if you're really into FM radio it might cost you a bunch to swap out the radio. Speaking from experience... there might not be a simple way to hook up your new North American spec radio either.

You'll notice that I used the term 'JDM Radio' and 'JDM right hand drive'. This is because this particular problem is specific to vehicles from Japan... if you import a right hand drive from the UK or other right hand drive country you won't have this problem.

Big thanks to ST and friend for the images.



RightHandDrive.ca on the Radio!

So. I heard about a segment on CJOB in Winnipeg discussing RHDs on Canadian roads, because of CADA's lobbying.

So. I listened to it (go go gadget internet!) and found it interesting. It was pretty well balanced, but the people who called in were.... useless.


I heard that they would rehash the discussion about RHDs on Saturday on the radio show The Road Trip. Interesting.... so I sent the hosts an email saying who I am, and what I do.... and they added me to the panel. Wicked! So. Listen in to CJOB at about 11:3o this Saturday (listen online if you're out of Manitoba) and hear my thoughts!

Here is the first segment I heard. It is off the CJOB website, shortened down the the core data, and in it's complete state. You can find the full interview here: http://www.cjob.com/other/audiovault.html.

Part 1 of the CJOB RHD talk