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Decals and Wakaba

JDM as fck

So, in my perusing of the internet I stumbled upon a pretty great decal. I think images might be the best way to show this one.... It's titled 'JDM as fck'... which is pretty hilarious. I saw this on a kijiji ad for a Fairlady, and I'm still smiling about it.

The decal is apparently from JDM style decals, and is very clever. That little green and white decal is a very Japanese decal called a 'Wakaba maka', which means 'new leaf marker'... which means the driver is a beginning driver.  Pretty zen name.  New drivers in Japan have to put these at the back of their cars to alert others. They're magnets if they're legit. One of my friends asked me why they wouldn't be stolen... the answer is simple... because no one WANTS them.

Some JDM drivers proudly put them on their cars to show off how 'legit' the car is.  I can only imagine how silly that must look to Japanese people when they see it. "I'm proudly a new driver?"  Weird. But then again... when Japanese people see me in my truck they think that anyway.... "Why would you want a delivery truck?"

I, on the other hand, put my wakaba on my fridge. They look pretty awesome there and are a good conversation piece. The conversation is pretty much just what you read...

Wakaba magnets on the fridge

How did I get them?  A friend that spend a few years in Japan found out I have a Kei truck and forced them upon me. Needless to say I couldn't say no. You can find them online... but it's best if you just know someone in Japan who'll mail them to you for free.  Again... no one in Japan wants them.