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Container shipping to Winnipeg – Part 5

Finding destuffers in Winnipeg was a bit of a chore. We thought we had found someone, but after seeing pictures of how the container was loaded they NOPE'D right out of there. I sent emails to 10 or 15 places with the same response. One of the people I shared the container with mentioned a craning company that 'likes the weird stuff'. I sent them an email and they were in!

We ended up using Willm's craning. They were super awesome! One of the  guys doing the work actually had a Skyline GT-R! In fact, the president of the company - who usually doesn't do the manual labour - was running the show, because he was excited/interested about the whole thing.

The guys were super awesome - the container arrived on the 'chassis' (which is apparently what the trailer is called that holds containers), they put it on the ground with one of their cranes, and opened it up.

I got on-site as they were lowering the first Legacy - the 'freebie' Hijet was out of the way already.


The first thing I notice was how far over the 2nd Hijet the 1st Legacy actually was!

What the guys did was winch up the front end of the car a bit, remove the wood structure, and then winch it down so it was level with the ground.


Then use a forklift with really long prongs to pull the car out.

IMG_0218The wheels were in the hatches of the wagons, so those were put on... and TOUCHDOWN!



The next Hijet and the B4 were freebies. Then they did the same process with my Legacy. Here it is looking a little amputated


One strike against them - after they had unloaded the container they were markedly less friendly. It was a little frustrating, actually. I'd use them again, but, make sure I leave quicker. The problem we had was that no one knew who dropped of the container (I didn't even know the chassis/trailer was left with the container) - so it was a rookie mistake on all our parts.

I got there at about 9, and we were done before noon. Pretty cool stuff. From here, it was business like usual - get temp insurance to move it around, get it inspected, and get it registered.

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