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Container shipping to Winnipeg – Part 2

1998 Subaru Legacy GT-B - super clean! No surprise when you're importing through Mark!

My 1998 Legacy GT-B

The container ended up having 2 Legacy wagons, 1 Legacy B4 RSK and 2 mini trucks.
Super cool stuff.

The minitrucks are both some of the cleanest I've seen. A lot of Grade 1/2/R trucks get imported to Canada, so it's refreshing to see such nice ones.

One of the trucks had a dump bed (tipper model!)

The Tipper!

The Tipper!

Mark sends about 80 photos to you when he receives the car, focusing on any damage. It's for peace of mind and insurance purposes. And you know exactly what to expect when you finally get your car.


Next Week... what they look like in the container!

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