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Ways to know you drive a weird car

The spelling mistake - undeniable proof!

So, I recently put my truck for sale on kijiji.ca (and then linked it in with the classifieds), and noticed something odd. They spelled Daihatsu wrong.
Clearly this problem would never happen with a car like a Buick, or Cadillac.... and both of those words are kind of weird too!
So, being a good citizen of the internet, I made a report of it. Now, for those who don't know... I'm a programmer, and a programmer will eventually get to this ticket. I know that this is a trivial thing to fix, and most people wouldn't want to waste their time on it... but this is a feel-good fix. The perfect way to waste 20 minutes and be productive. Anyway, should be interesting to see how long it will take for this to be fixed.

While I'm on a rant and talking about kijiji... it bothers me when people say their bone-stock right hand drive is 'unique'. Was it a one-off from the factory? Is there no other cars like this in the ENTIRE WORLD? I think not. It's neat. It's different. It's rare to see in Canada. But unless you have done some pretty profound work on it... it's not unique. Sorry.


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  1. You know you have a jdm when you need a grabber tool to hold your pip pass to get into your ug parking

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