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The Media and CADA is on our case again!

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Well, CADA is at it again. They're asking to ban/curb/stop/slow the import of RHD vehicles to Canada.  These news articles are full of the 'research studies' that we've been poking holes in for years.

And, in some situations, citing the 300ZX crash, which has easily been the worst RHD PR piece lately.

Here's some links to the sites that have come up today about this:

So. We continue our battle trying to keep our cars on the road.

My favourite line is this:

“But today a 15-year-old car is no longer an antique – 95-plus per cent of cars on the road are going to reach their 15th birthday.”

To which I say, "Yeah, but these cars are in fantastic condition and better than most North American cars that are 8 years old".  And, yes... lots of our RHDs are collectors cars.  The Skylines and Silvias are gorgeous. Or, the Kei cars/trucks are unique and nothing competes with a Delica for usefulness.

CADA:  Encourage your automakers to make cars that can compete with these 15-year-old cars and we'll talk.


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  1. IVOAC has just released a study refuting the ICBC Study.


  2. Yah! I challenge this CADA ppl to check my car if its unsafe. And if you cant find anything, then u can shove your one words up ur …..

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