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The chances are high that you've looked back in the posts so far that you've found this one. In which case, you've found the end of your quest.

Since first posts are always awkward and quite often funny to look back at, I'm just going to end it.



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  1. Hi Rob! Hoping you can help???? Can you recommend some auto repair shops in Winnipeg that will work on RHD’s? My husband bought 2 Pajero’s, which we absolutely love by the way, but they needs some repairs and we don’t know where to take them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

  2. Most should (in an ideal world).
    Delica.ca is by far the best place for Delica/Pajero specific discussion. I haven’t heard of any good, or bad, places to get them serviced. As long as your mechanic is worth his/her weight they should be able to work on them… they are actually quite simple vehicles!
    If you find a good one, I’m sure everyone would love to know!

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